Obrazek wczytywania się skryptu Obrazek tła, rycina w drewnie przedstawiająca dwie kobiety ubrane w stroje tajlandzkie. Obrazek tła, zbliżenie na drewnianą rycinę. Przedstawa twarz kobiety. Obrazek tła, kamienna rzeźba przedstawiająca tajskiego bożka. Obrazek tła, ręcznik ułożony w kule razem z kwiatem lotosu.




Acknowleding high quality and authenticity of the very first traditional Thai massage salon on the right bank of Warsaw, we employ only highly talented, experienced, selected from among several candidates smiling Thai masseuses, which according to ancient idea of therapy deliver the best of ancient culture of Asia. Thailand is called the land of smile and serenity of our modest girls will fascinate you. The first word that should be learned after arriving at the former Siam is the word "memi Panh" which literally means - no problem. This is why you come here freely, without unnecessary buffoonery, this is what we want you to experience during your stay in our unofficial Ambassy of Thailand. For inquisitive clients we provide certifications of completed courses by our masseuses followed by their work experience in unique locations, hotels, spa, resorts from of the Maldives to Patay. The best censor however, will be You.